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Nx Martial Arts - Orleans - Martial Arts Hot


Address 11-1344 Youville Dr
City Orleans
Zip or Postal Code K1C2X8

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Phone Number 613-841-4111
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Reviewed by Frank
March 11, 2016
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When my wife and I visited NX Martial Arts in Feb 2015, they were all so kind, profusely talking about family values. They then "assessed/enticed" my kid by praising his first kicks/punches, then for kicking a punching bag that fell to the floor, then using 2 punching bags thick and again with 3 (the instructor hid from him that he helped), then breaking a wood board in half and a promise to train one-on-one. My kid was hooked! Before signing the contract, I asked about the cancellation policy and they said: "You can cancel anytime provided you give a 1-month notice, we're easy-going, don't worry about it, doing otherwise would be bad business". We signed the contract. In Oct 2015 we signed our 2nd child. In Jan 2016 the kids no longer wanted to go at NX, locking themselves in their rooms and crying that they don't have time due to their homework. Further, the classes are only 45 minutes with a 15-min warm-up and a 10-min cool down, meaning only 20 min of training with no one-on-one, kicking the bags/wood board breaking, which initially attracted the kids. Feb 6, 2016 we conclude that it is too much for the kids and that we are not getting our money's worth. I emailed a cancellation notice. This is when I saw a whole new side to NX Martial Arts. They said they could only cancel my 1st child's registration on March 29, 2016 (??) and that I'd have to pay $1,135.65 for my 2nd child! They also said that if I had waited another 3 weeks, my 1st child's registration would have been automatically renewed and I'd be on the hook for an extra $1,968.46 (that's when I was told: "You should be happy to only have $1,135,65 to pay instead of $3,104.11.") The lady also told me twice: "You live in a neighbourhood where there are big houses!" That's harassment. They already received about $500 without any of my children attending since Dec. The 1-month cancellation apparently no longer applies. Of course they took a payment of $151.42 on Mar 7, 2016. On Mar 9 I advised that I no longer authorize them to take payments; they replied with an offer to take 20% off. This is unacceptable. I feel like I'm in an episode of Holmes on Homes. I had to change my VISA number to stop NX from taking the bi-weekly payments of $151.42; that's $302.84/month! I'm thinking about opening a website I'd name: "People fight back NX Martial Arts". I wrote a formal complaint using BBB and made another complaint using the government consumer protection website. Run away from NX Martial Arts.


Cost $151 or more per month
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