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Reviewed by Diane Wainscoat
November 09, 2010

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First thing I noticed was a "Bikini Barista" coffee drive-through in the small parking lot. Young girls selling coffee, wearing only skimpy underwear, not swimwear. I saw some of the instructors frequenting this place. Not exactly the kind of thing I wanted my child to be exposed to. When I mentioned this to the salesman, he seemed to dismiss my concern and replied that he had no control over what the girls wore. The program was over priced and I didn't appreciate the high pressure sales. Mediocre to bad instruction depending on the instructor. Very inconsistent. Instructors were either overweight and middle aged, unable to actually demonstrate the drills, or underaged and inexperienced, where by letting some students run amok, distracting the rest of the class. Three year long contracts, difficult to get out of....Bad Better Business Bureau reviews. You're promised a Black Belt in two years, which basically means you're buying one, not earning one.


Cost $151 or more per month
Contract required Yes