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Spiritual Martial Arts Center

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Reviewed by Kira
December 20, 2010
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I trained at the SMAC a few years ago, and though I have since moved away from London, the skills that I learned in the Real World Martial Arts class are still with me today. I was a complete novice in the world of MMA but found myself able to quickly pick up Mr. Beecroft's style; the movements all felt very natural and I had little difficulty teaching my body to remember them.

Mr. Beecroft's style is most certainly not about remembering awkward poses or sets of prescribed flashy exercises; it is a very no-nonsense and utterly practical approach to self-defense that can be taken up by anyone, regardless of previous martial arts experience. I have since tried to continue training elsewhere but have yet to find another dojo that meets the very high expectations I have that were set by my training at the SMAC.

The studio itself is impeccable. The space is clean, safe, and conveniently located. If I move back to London in the future, I definitely hope to continue my training at the SMAC.


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