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USA Alabama scorpio,s all-american chinese tai-kenpo karate studio

scorpio,s all-american chinese tai-kenpo karate studio - birmingham, alabama - Martial Arts Hot


Address 1505 42 st.(ensley)
City birmingham, alabama
Zip or Postal Code 35208-2505

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Chief Instructor sifu bernard(scorpio)strickland 7th degree red belt(
Phone Number 1-205-785-9401--home/ 205-586-3467--cell no.

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Style American Kenpo/MMA
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hi there, my name is sifu bernard(scorpio)strickland and i,m from birmingham,alabama and i,ve been in the martial arts since 6-20-1967 in the art of " isshin-ryu" back in cleveland,ohio and i earn no rank in about six or seven months, so i move on to my next art which was "song-moo-kwans-muk-do-kwans" in which i earn a 3th dan. black belt under "master paul g. levtte jr.that was 1973. by 1975 i move to b,ham,alabama and met my next master, his name was the late (" mr bill parks") 8th degree black belt in " sr.g.m.ed parker" the founder of american kenpo, and "sr.g.m.david german" the founder of tai-karate (or) tai-kenpo karate system. master bill parks brought "american kenpo & tai-kenpo" karate to the state of alabama back in early 70,. i,m hightest black belt in the "american chinese tai-kenpo system" here in b,ham,alabama. i have study & train under "master bill parks" for over 27 yrs. in which i have earn two black belts, under master parks system. i,m a 7th degree red belt( and another 7th degree black belt( both in "american chinese tai-kenpo karate system as well. i also hold the rank of a 5th level in the art of "5th animals style of gung-fu under master parks as well. as of 2008 . i was feather into ms. amy long new kenpo karate book which is title "kenpo continuum" and also i been nominated twice into the (" international independent martial artist association") as well. i,m also belong to many kenpo assication like the "uskenpo association"/ "international american kenpo association"/ the christian kenpo karate association which(" authorize") me to wear a red belt with the black ranking system, by rev.gary findley who is the founder of the "international american kenpo association" and also under ("sr.g.m. david german") tai-kenpo system i,m the representative of both martial arts of ("american kenpo/ tai-kenpo") by ("sr.g.m.german") himself. you can find me on most of the "kenpo karate" website, like " " if you have any question please feel free to contact me @ or you can call me @ 205-785-9401-home/ 205-586-3467 thank you so much sincerely sifu bernard(scorpio)strickland 7th degree red belt(

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