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Address 1300 NE 48th Ave
City Hillsboro
Zip or Postal Code 97124

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Phone Number (503) 640-8400
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Reviewed by Concerned Ex-Student
May 03, 2012
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Mark Gajdostik has issues with integrity, both personally and professionally. I've thought a long time about whether to post a review here, and in the end, I've simply decided it's in the community's best interest. Apologies this review is long, but because of my long history with TNT and the circumstances behind my opinion of TNT and Mark, I feel that details are warranted. I'm the 'lead instructor' that is mentioned in N/A's review.

I started in the summer of 2008. I enrolled myself and my two kids. Other family members and friends followed. In all, my being at TNT resulted in a total of 10 people training at TNT -- not including all the people that stayed at TNT because of my teaching. For a period of 2+ years I was at TNT 5 nights a week. I rarely missed the opportunity to be there. I participated in almost every weekend event that was put on as well. I was a model student and instructor. I was named Student of the Year 2010.

Everything ran smooth and was positive until about a year ago, when Mark started to be less involved. Teens were running nearly all of the kids classes. I was running the adult classes. Mark would float onto the mat occasionally, but that became more and more rare. My wife and I struggled to help him keep things running smoothly -- me running classes and her helping out at the front desk and with planning events. We became really close friends (we thought). He and his boys were over at our house for Thanksgiving the last two years (2010 & 2011), we trick-or-treated together, and he was a groomsman in our wedding September 2011.

Everything appeared ok until about Christmas 2011 when he decided, without warning, that I could no longer train at TNT. In addition, he falsified a break in at the school, and chose the week of that “break in” to ban my family and I. When he discussed the matter with me, he would only say that people were uncomfortable training with me and that I was costing him business. Each time I spoke with him about it his story changed, the particulars changed, his “facts” were different. I can only conclude that it is Mark, himself, that has become “uncomfortable” with me, and that it is Mark that has decided to punish my wife and children as a result, despite the countless hours we've devoted to TNT.

To make matters worse, Mark promised our 10-year-old son a jr black belt graduation, then chose to break this agreement. He informed us of the change in plans very impersonally. He didn't contact us to let us know that he wouldn't be doing it as planned. He simply shipped the certificate and belt to our house with an impersonal note. This, after countless hours of training over 3.5 years, to a 10-year-old boy who had done nothing wrong! Mark chose to crush a little boy and his dreams and show the world just how cruel and unfair people can be.

Mark is slandering us to other members. He claims we were behind in our membership fees, which is completely untrue. We have never been behind even though $350+/month we paid was at times a burden. Unfortunately, this slander isn't uncharacteristic of Mark. We've discovered that he has a habit of kicking people out and then telling lies about them to other members. Now that my wife and I are on the other side of it, we have followed up with some of the things we were told about members that'd left and found them to be completely fallacious. It's very sad that a martial arts school owner like Mark Gajdostik would engage in these types of behaviors not just personally, but professionally, and then teach the tenets courtesy, integrity, self-control, and respect to his students. It's hugely hypocritical. Questions? Email me at tnt-review at jeffhowden dot com


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